Dubrovački muzeji

05.10.2016 - 30.11.2016

The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik – fortress – palace – museum

“The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik – fortress – palace – museum” is the central exhibition of Dubrovnik Museums in 2016. The exhibition and accompanying projects have been produced to mark the 580th anniversary of the beginning of the building of the Rector's Palace.

The exhibition has been conceived in eight thematic units, dealing with the architecture of the Palace in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, sculpture in the Rector's Palace, the Baroque reconstruction, the Rector's Palace from the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic until World War II, the renovation after the earthquake of 1979, the basic political institutions of the Republic, its everyday spaces and the cultural purpose to which the Palace is put today.

All told, 70 or so objects are displayed, some of which are from the holdings of Dubrovnik Museums, the others having come from various institutions or individual lenders.

The exhibition is accompanied by a wide-ranging promotional and educational campaign aimed at the general public. On offer as well as promotional materials and educational workshops is a choice of museum souvenirs inspired by the Rector's Palace.

A catalogue of the exhibition is available in the museum shop.


Project leader

Pavica Vilać


Exhibition concept

Pavica Vilać


Texts written and material selected by

Dr Nada Grujić

Academician Igor Fisković

Dr Katarina Horvat Levaj

Ivan Viđen

Marin Ivanović

Dr Lovro Kunčević

Dr Nella Lonza

Dr Vedrana Gjukić-Bender


Catalogue entries by

Dr Nada Grujić (N.G.)

Academician Igor Fisković (I.F.)

Dr Katarina Horvat Levaj (K.H.L.)

Ivan Viđen (I.V.)

Dr Lovro Kunčević (L.K.)

Dr Nella Lonza (N.L.)

Dr Vedrana Gjukić-Bender (V.Gj.B.)

Pavica Vilać (P.V.)

Dino Lokas (D.L.)



Pavica Vilać

Vedrana Gjukić-Bender


Exhibition set-up



Marketing, promotion and public relations

Ivana Urošević


Educational programme

Aleksandra Piteša Orešković


Restoration and conservation works

Renata Andjus

Željko Ćatić

Nataša Treursić



Božidar Gjukić

Luka Gusić

Paolo Mofardin

Miljenko Mojaš

Mario Romulić

Dražen Stojčić

Antun Tasovac


Multimedia presentation

Novena d.o.o.


Hanging team

Nikša Uhodić

Željko Ćatić

Pasko Burin

Mišo Lečić



State Archives in Dubrovnik

State Archives in Zadar

Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik Research Library

Lucija Aleksić

Trpimir Macan

Tanja Račeta Savin

Ivan Viđen



City of Dubrovnik


Media sponsors

Dubrovački vjesnik

The Dubrovnik Times



Soundset Ragusa

Dubrovačka televizija



City of Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Dubrovnik Airport


Studio Beluga


The exhibition and the catalogue have been produced with financial support from the City of Dubrovnik and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.