Dubrovački muzeji

18.07.2019 - 26.08.2019

Fine Linen and Homespun – Traditional Attire from Kaštela

The exhibition has been produced in association with the Kaštela Municipal Museum and Ethnographic Museum in Split.

This monographic presentation of the traditional attire in the settlements of Kaštela, and in Kaštela city stemmed from several years of collaboration between the Ethnographic Museum in Split and Kaštela Municipal Museum. 

Previously, the traditional popular attire of the Kaštela area has never been publicly presented to any great extent, although it has an important potential and considerable quality above all in the original material collected and preserved in Split Ethnographic Museum over a period of time more than fifty years as well as in Kaštela Municipal Museum, which has in its cultural history section numerous objects and material collected after its foundation (1999), complementary to the objects and secondary material of Split Ethnographic Museum.

Not only has primary but also secondary material been collected, including photographs, field records and descriptions of what is no longer attainable in material form, having been destroyed or mutated by time.

Exhibition created by: Sanja Ivančić and Sanja Acalija
Dubrovnik exhibition curated by: Barbara Margaretić