Dubrovački muzeji

25.04.2019 - 27.05.2019

Sa o Roma: 50 Years of Romani George's Day in Skopje

The exhibition has been produced jointly by Dubrovnik Museums and the Romano Ilo Association of Lovers of Roma Folk Art, Skoplje.

This is a multimedia exhibition that through photographs, audio-visual recordings and various objects of the material heritage presents customs with which the Roma feast of St George’s Day is marked in Skopje. It came into being through the five decades of research of the author, Elsie Ivancich Dunin, emeritus professor of ethno-choreography at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

In 2011 the Republic of North Macedonia proclaimed the celebration of this holiday a protected cultural property, followed by UNESCO in 2017.

A film of the same name that is part of the exhibition was voted the best documentary film at the Zlatno Trkalo Film Festival in 2019.

Exhibition created by Elsie Ivancich Dunin
Exhibition concept by Elsie Ivancich Dunin and Daniel Petrovski
Film directed by Daniel Petrovski
Dubrovnik exhibition curated by Barbara Margetić