Dubrovački muzeji

04.06.2020 - 15.08.2020

Mijoka Shipwreck - the Awakened Secret of Murter's Sea

The exhibition has been produced by Šibenik City Museum and Croatian Conservation Institute. 

In the exhibition project "Mijoka Shipwreck - the Awakened Secret of Murter's Sea", the complete preserved inventory of the findings from the shipwreck is presented together with the history of research, considering the fact that the finds from private collections and other museums. The Mijoka shipwreck lies at a depth of 40 meters between the eponymous shallow waters and the islet named Kukuljari, south of the Islands of Murter. The site is dating back to the beginning of the 17th century and it belongs to the group of Postmedieval shipwrecks.

Authors of exhibition: Vesna Zmaić Kralj (Croatian Conservation Institute), Marina Lambaša (Šibenik City Museum) 

Exhibition collaboratiors: Bruno Brakus (MGŠ), Anita Jelić i Antonija Jozić (MCPA Zadar)

Authors of exhibition design: Ante Filipović Grčić (2FG studio), Marina Lambaša (Muzej Grada Šibenika), Vesna Zmaić Kralj (Odjel za podvodnu arheologiju, HRZ)

Dubrovnik exhibition coordinated:  Ana Kaznačić Skurić (Dubrovnik museums)