Dubrovački muzeji

04.06.2019 - 07.07.2019

More than Light and Salt: 200 years of Croatian Lighthouses

The exhibition has been produced in association   with the Croatian Maritime Museum of Split and Plovput d.o.o.

Croatian lighthouses in the period of the states that once ruled the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea are presented.  Particularly important are the Austro-Hungarian postcards from the Luka Dragičević Collection and some little-known photographs of the Croatian Hydrographic Institute of 1930.

The authors of the exhibition consider the question of how the construction of the lighthouses changed the sites on which they were built and in what ways the lighthouses themselves have been altered by wars, the modernisation of technology and the gradual withdrawal of direct human presence as a result of automation.

Along with the exhibits that tell of the long list of the duties of the currently very rare occupation of lighthouse-keeper, documentary material that possesses valuable information about the work of the lighthouse keeper during the whole of the last century is presented.  The exhibition also takes up the issue of what it means to be a lighthouse keeper in the 21st century.

The accompanying exhibition of photographs “Croatian Lighthouses” created by Željko Višić presents some outstanding works of photography in which the artists impressively illustrate the fact that our lighthouses are part of the national architectural and cultural history heritage essential for the maritime tradition and identity of the Republic of Croatia.

Exhibition created by: Danka Radić, Marijan Bradanović, Dean Krmac, Petra Blažević, Sunčana Dežjot i Antonija Perković
Dubrovnik exhibition curated by: Ana Kaznačić Skurić