Dubrovački muzeji


Collection of Documents

Collection Manager:
Varina Jurica Turk, senior curator
e-mail: varina@dumus.hr

The material of the documents collection follows the period between the two world wars, the post-war period and the second half of the 20th century. As well as records of establishments, institutions and government bodies, the collection contains a large number of printed matters and a particularly valuable sub-collection of posters, fliers, adverts, proclamations and promotional material from 1919 to 2006, with more than eight hundred inventory units.

Also in this collection are war maps from the Homeland War in the Dubrovnik area, a large number of documents of Croatian origin concerning the attack on and defence of Dubrovnik, documents of the Command HQ of the defence of Dubrovnik, the Reporting Centre, the Red Cross, the 163rd brigade of the CA, Dubrovnik General Hospital, wartime diaries, plans of minefields, reports on zones of responsibility, lists of defenders, letters from the archives and documents of the General Staff of the Territorial Defence of Dubrovnik, and other matters.

The collection contains more than five thousand documents.