Dubrovački muzeji

27.11.2020 - 01.04.2021

In the photographic studio of Antun Miletić

The exhibition has been produced by Dubrovnik Museums, Cultural HistoryMuseum 

Antun Miletić is one of the most notable of Dubrovnik studio photographers. He was born on June 14, 1859, in Dubrovnik, in Pile, to be precise, which is where he spent the whole of his life. His grandfather, Miho Miletić, was a dyer and his father, Petar, was a “municipal monitor”.

In the late 1880s, Antun Miletić opened a photography studio in Dubrovnik, on the first floor of a house in Ulica Cvijete Zuzorić, where the Dubrovnik Workers Association was also located. In his lavishly equipped studio, he immortalised not only people from Dubrovnik, Primorje, Župa and Konavle but all those who wanted to have a lasting memory of their stay in Dubrovnik. The many works still in existence tell of his keeping up with the fashions of the time in the manner of his portraiture and the furnishing of the studio.

Although he is remembered as a studio photographer, during his forty-year-long career Miletić quite often stepped out of his studio and photographed classes in schools, various associations, celebrations of anniversaries, religious processions, birthdays and other social events in Dubrovnik. With a good deal of empathy and no irony at all he photographed people who were on the fringes of social life – the Dubrovnik eccentrics – and that distinguishes him from the other Dubrovnik photographers at work at that time. He was also the first chronicler of the theatre and its events in Dubrovnik. He created in his studio numerous scenes from the performances in which the actors, dressed in their costumes, artfully posed in front of painted screens.

Antun Miletić died on December 11, 1945, at the age of 86, and was buried the following day at the municipal cemetery of Boninovo. He left us hundreds of photographs in which he immortalised the important and the less important and yet certainly fleeting moments from the life of the city of Dubrovnik and its inhabitants.


Author of exhibition: Marina Filipović

Visual set up: Ivona Michl

Scenography: Željko Ćatić, Ivo Letunić, Ivan Mladošić

Lenders: Anka i Frano Kisić, Marijanka Knego, Mato Kukuljica, Nerio Rakigjija, Vladimir Šarić, Eduard Šuljak, Ivan Viđen


The exhibition was produced with financial support from the City of Dubrovnik