Dubrovački muzeji

21.11.2018 - 07.01.2019

World of sounds

The exhibition has been produced by Dubrovnik Museums and Typhological museum Zagreb.

"The World of Sound" is a powerful emotional reminder in 2001, in which Croatia moved to allow deaf children to enter the world of sounds.

The exhibition was opened for the first time in Zagreb, in the Typhological Museum, in 2016, when the 20th anniversary of the first cochlear implantin in Croatia and from the beginning of rehabilitation of people with cochlear implant and 15 years of the most successful humanitarian campaign to date - Dajmo da čuju, where more than 17 million kuna was collected for the purchase of cochlear implant. So far the exhibition has visited the cities of Osijek and Pula. In addition, the action enabled the procurement of medical and rehabilitation equipment and the construction of the Center for cochlear implant and New Technologies. Thanks to the ALLOCATION OF THE ANALYST TESTING ISSUES, today in Croatia there is a protocol for early detection of hearing impairment in children, and in all maternity clinics the hearing is being examined at birth, and HZZO regularly procures cochlear implant. The exhibition is divided into several sections from which visitors will be able to learn about the hearing and the importance of early detection of hearing problems, and the manufacturer of cochlear implant, the Austrian company MED-El, has allowed visitors to see and handle cochlear implant. The exhibition will lead visitors to an extremely important hearing rehabilitation process. Since it is designed interactively and thanks to Microton d.o.o. all interested visitor can hear how the person who wears the hearing instrument can hear, and can expect many interesting things about sound and listening.

The exhibition will be open until 7th of January 2019.

Exhibition created by: Zeljka Sušić


Exhibition curated by: Dino Lokas