Dubrovački muzeji


Numismatic Collection

Voditelj zbirke:
Dino Lokas, curator
e-mail: dino.lokas@dumus.hr

The rich numismatic heritage of the Dubrovnik Republic constitutes the major part of this collection, which comprises more than one thousand eight hundred inventoried objects. All kinds of minted copper and silver coins in use in the area of the Republic are represented. They range in time from the oldest specimens, minted in the 14th century, to technically more highly perfected coins of greater face value that the Dubrovnik mint issued just before it stopped working in 1803.

As well as coins and the equipment for making them (matrices and dies) the numismatic collection keeps objects that document the well-developed system of measures that, like other advanced trading centres, Dubrovnik possessed. Of particular interest are sets of scales and weights for measuring the weights of precious metals and coins.

The art of medal making took deep roots in Renaissance Dubrovnik, and medals would be struck to commemorate some event, some distinguished person or as a sign of recognition of individuals by the government. Medals were also commissioned by diverse institutions, and often by individuals too. Most of the known medals struck in Dubrovnik or commissioned by Ragusans are to be found in the collection – either in the original or, more rarely, in a copy.

Preserved signets from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic lend a particular value to the collection. Most important among them is the group of state signets, ranging from the 15th to the 18th century. Private signets of leading patrician families of the 18th and 19th centuries are of particular importance for an understanding of the coats of arms of the Dubrovnik nobility.

The finest and most valuable specimens from the collection are exhibited in the permanent display.