Dubrovački muzeji



Local history museums and collections play an important role in the education of visitors, for with live material susceptible of being used in teaching they can have a big impact on cognition and the development of positive values and viewpoints.

Because of the diversity and richness of their museum materials, Dubrovnik Museums provide inexhaustible possibilities for learning and getting to know the national history, particularly the cultural and historical heritage, of both the time of the Dubrovnik Republic and the history of everyday life, traditional values and contemporary history.

Educational work is conducted all the time in Dubrovnik Museums, the whole of the school year. It is targeted at various social and age groups, and consists of educational guided tours through the displays, lectures, workshops, and especially devised projects, as well as through devising and producing didactic materials and teaching aids for museum education.

Educational activities are not carried out in the museum premises alone but are also conducted in the field, the objective being to encourage mastery of the history of the Dubrovnik Republic.