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Correlation with the school syllabus

Teaching outside the classroom in the museum, the deschooling of the school and the schooling of the museum, has a great many advantages, and there are increasing numbers of excellent examples of such practice, of the cooperation of teachers of subject and form teaching in our museum. Acquaintanceship with the museum world and values, its space and operations through various unconventional forms of work in the two-way communication of museum/school develops among the schoolchildren the ability to work independently and develop critical judgement, builds up a new attitude to phenomena through learning via induction, and teaches them to look at the world around them through the role of an active researcher.
In collaboration with the teachers, Dubrovnik Museums build up special correlation syllabuses for individual objects.

Example of teaching correlated with the subject Nature and society, 3rd year (2011/2012)

Orientation in space
Map of the town, map, we get to know museum buildings (Rector’s Palace, The Holes Granary and Fort St John)

Appearance and characteristics of the home area
Premises of the Rector’s Palace

My county / Defenders’ Day
Celebrated Dubrovnik people in the Rector’s Palace (accent placed on those who defended and helped the Republic in various ways).

Museums Night
St Blaise

Health care
Care for the needy in the Republic

St Blaise workshop
As part of the exhibition St Blaise in History and the Present

My home area in the past – travelling through time
The Dubrovnik Republic in the Rector’s Palace