Dubrovački muzeji

04.11.2021 - 28.02.2022

My Konavle – Old photographs from private collections – Gathered by Katica Radić

The exhibition feature photographs selected from private family albums from Konavle collected by Mrs Katica Radić after the Homeland War.

About two hundred photographs deriving mainly from the late 19th century to the 1960s, have been picked out. Just how valuable photography is can  be seen precisely from the time of the Homeland War, in which Konavle was subjected to the wilful destruction of the material and intangible culture, the aim being to erase all traces of the area¨s identity.

The oldest and most  valuable photographs, save those from studios, are the work of the amateur photographer Vuko Klaić – Krtica from Popoviće, whose partly accessible photographic oeuvre is being presented for the first time here. In

The exhibition is accompanied by a small number of objects from the holdings of the Etnographic, Maritime and Cultural History Museum and from private collections, relating to textile handicrafts and objects from the legacy of the amateur photographer Vuko Klaić, looked after by his heirs – the family of Ivo (Vlaškov) Klaić.       

Author of Exhibition: Liljana Kovačić i Barbara Margaretić

Visual Set up: Liljana Kovačić i Barbara Margaretić

Installation Team: Željko Ćatić, Pasko Burin, Ivo Letunić, Mišo Lečić, Ante Raguž, Ivan Mladošić, Mario Violić i Marija Vraničić

Preparation treatment: Marija Vraničić

Lenders: Obitelj Iva Klaića - Vlaškova

The exhibition was produced with financial support from the City of Dubrovnik