Dubrovački muzeji


Collection of late medieval and modern stone, metal and bone

Collection manager:
Dr Domagoj Perkić, curator
e-mail: domagoj.perkic@dumus.hr

The major part of the collection comprises specimens of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and early Baroque stone sculpture and architectural decorations. Of the small materials, the most numerous are metal objects – jewellery, locks, keys, scissors, parts of ships’ dividers, while a lesser number consists of objects of stone and remnants of fresco paintings.

Stone monuments have been collected since the founding of the Patriotic Museum in 1872, thanks to the efforts of lovers of antiquity and the first archaeological excavations; they were kept in the church of St Stephen, in the ground floor of the former granary The Holes, in Bokar Fort and in the bulwark up to the Pile Gate.
Most of the objects were found in recent archaeological rescue excavations, preceding works on the renovation of Baroque houses and palaces within the walls and individual monuments in the immediate surroundings, after the 1979 earthquake and the shelling of the historical centre in the Homeland War in 1991.

Also included in the investigation were the gardens that were created as a kind of tip after the clearing of the palaces and houses flattened during the catastrophic quake of 1667. Thus were revealed diverse finds from monastic, ecclesiastical and municipal buildings that were never reconstructed.