Dubrovački muzeji


Early medieval collection

Collection manager:
Ivona Michl, senior curator
e-mail: ivona.michl@dumus.hr

The major part of the collection consists of stone monuments that once belonged to the interior of numerous Benedictine churches in Dubrovnik and surrounds.
It comprises parts of stone furnishing and architectural decoration of the pre-Romanesque and early Romanesque styles, dating to the period from the 8th to the 12th centuries.
They are decorated most frequently with characteristic interlacing compositions and geometrical and plant motifs in bas relief; only rarely do they have Latin inscriptions that, from the inserted letters from the Greek alphabet, date to the 9th century and reveal the influence of Byzantium. A good quality carving school was at work in Dubrovnik, with its own workshops and highly skilled master carvers.

The most numerous and highest quality finds are from the Church of St Peter the Great from the sexterium, or quarter, of the same name. The finest part of the holdings can be seen in the temporary exhibition in Revelin Fort, Early Medieval Sculpture of Dubrovnik and Environs. Also in the collection are pieces of jewellery and church furnishing.

As part of the project “Croats of Red Croatia, roots, conversion to Christianity and way of life until the end of the Middle Ages”, two exhibitions were mounted: Konavle – Medieval Cemetery and Archaeological Heritage of Župa Dubrovačka, at which Konavle and newly found Župa Glagolitic writings from the 11th century were shown to the public for the first time.