Dubrovački muzeji


Prehistoric Collection – the Aeneolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages

Collection Manager:
Dr Domagoj Perkić, curator
e-mail: domagoj.perkic@dumus.hr

The collection contains numerous archaeological finds, ranging from the Aeneolithic to the Late Iron Age, including Hellenistic finds that belong in the spatial and cultural context here to the end of the Iron Age.

Earlier finds from the Aeneolithic and the Bronze ages on the whole derive from Gudnja Cave, while those from the Iron Age are represented in finds from research into the Cave at Gornja Nakovana, on the western part of Pelješac Peninsula. Most of the finds from Nakovana are of rather fine Hellenistic vessels from the fourth to the second century BC, and have Southern Italic, Central Italic, Attic and local origins. They were meant for the storage and quaffing of wine. They were found in a chamber with a phallic shaped stalagmite, around which banqueting rites were held and votive gifts were left. Here a part of the circle of the Zodiac made of ivory with four symbols engraved on it was found; rare in world terms, this is part of an astrological table, luxuriously made accoutrement of a professional astrologer. The find is dated to about 100 BC.

The other finds presented are various individual mainly ceramic finds, from the many hill fort settlements and stone mounds of the Dubrovnik region.