Dubrovački muzeji

01.07.2016 - 30.09.2016

Faces of war

The exhibition has been produced by the Museum of Contemporary History of Dubrovnik Museums and by the Croatian History Museum.

The exhibition Faces of War is not exclusively historical, dealing as it does primarily with Croatian war photography, and instead of a chronological sequence is divided into thematic units entitled Beginning, Defender, Civilian and Storm, and Faces of War.  It comprises more than 200 selected photographs of some of the best Croatian war photojournalists and photographers taken in almost all the Croatian theatres of war, as well as the presentation of the animated map ‘Homeland War’ of the Croatian History Museum.

The importance of Dubrovnik and its role in the Homeland War are commemorated in the exhibition by the inclusion of a great number of works by leading Dubrovnik photographers, Pavo Urban, Milo Kovač, Miro Kerner and Božidar Gjukić, the originals of which are kept in the Photographic Collection of the Museum of Contemporary History.  In addition, the organiser of the event has been allowed to use a large number of wartime shots from the donation to the Museum of two of the best of Croatian war photojournalists, Božidar Vukičević and Matko Biljak, a donation that contains several tens of thousands of original war photographs. 

Exhibition devised by Ivica Nevešćanin

Exhibition set up designed by Varina Jurica Turk and Mišo Đuraš