Dubrovački muzeji

05.08.2015 - 30.06.2016

Storm of Victory and Liberty

The exhibition was produced by the Museum of Contemporary History of Dubrovnik Museums

The exhibition consists of two chronological and thematic units, containing more than 200 objects from the museum collections and museum documentation. The first is dedicated to Operation Storm, the biggest liberation operation of the Croatian Army and symbol of the final victory over the aggressor and of the liberty won in the Homeland War. As well as the depiction of the course of the operation, this unit contains a chronological survey of the most important political events and military operations of the Croatian Army and Police Force in the final phase of the Homeland War.

The second unit is devoted to events in the Dubrovnik area while Storm was in process, and immediately after its victorious conclusion.

At the centre of interest is the photograph as medium and as museum object.  In connection with Operation Storm, only newly collected newspaper photographs of leading Croatian war photographic journalists Matko Biljak and Božidar Vukičević are used, while events taking place at the same time in the Dubrovnik area were shot by Milo Kovač and Zvonomir Pandža.

Exhibition created and set up designed by Varina Jurica Turk and Mišo Đuraš.

A catalogue of the exhibition can be obtained in the Dubrovnik Museums museum shop.